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Do you........

  • Want to lose or gain weight?

  • Feel tired and want more energy?

  • Suspect you have food intolerances or allergies?

  • Crave sugar and find it hard to resist?

  • Feel confused by all of the conflicting nutritional advice?

  • Feel you have tried everything and no longer know where to turn

Then I may be able to help you... the most sustainable way of eating, and help get to the root cause of your health issues

How I work

  • I assess all the information from your detailed health questionnaire and what we discuss during the consultation, to get to the root cause of your symptoms.

  • I work to understand the whole history of your case, look at your timeline along with your current presenting symptoms, to more effectively resolve your issues in a sustainable way.

  • I thoroughly research to find the best possible solutions that suit you as an individual and not a cookie cutter approach using an X for Y protocol that only treats symptoms.

Working with me for a period of time enables us to track your progress and make tweaks to the plan to achieve the best possible outcome. You can choose from one, three and five month packages.

Consultations are done at a place to suit you, or if more convenient virtually via Skype.


For those not yet ready to sign up to a nutrition package, I offer an in depth 1 hour consultation. In this I will review your medical history, current food intake, sleep and other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your health. We will discuss what issues you would like to address and devise a plan to help you achieve this.

Follow up appointments cost £90.00 and last for 45 minutes.




With The Essential Plan…to A Better You’  program

This simple to follow program is a longer term approach to help you change your eating and lifestyle habits, to achieve a greater level of health and optimal weight. If you want to kick start your health and wellness journey with a gentle, guided cleanse then the The Essential Plan is for you.

This is not a fast fix to follow then revert to back to old habits. It’s the old habits that have got you where you are so it makes sense to find some more healthful ones.

Small changes yield big results when done correctly and consistently. The key is to know what those changes are and why.

This is where I come in...

This 90 day program will successfully set you up with a way of living and eating designed to be continued for as long as you want to enjoy the benefits. The Essential Plan will give you the tools you need to make healthier choices and wiser decisions in the long term.

It will clear the confusion many people feel about the conflicting information they hear or read. As a registered nutritional therapist I can provide the knowledge, the know-how, the support and the encouragement.

Why 90 days? Because this is how long it takes to give you the best chance of making lasting changes and to create a sustainable relationship with nutritional foods.

With The Essential Plan the only cost to you is the essential oil based natural supplements for the program. I have partnered with doTerra to get you the highest quality, amazing, essential oil based natural products perfectly suited for this plan. doTerra use cutting edge scientific research to optimise ways of incorporating the internal use of essential oils for maximum benefit.

So how much does it cost?

This depends on your specific goals.

Typically :

Month 1 – approximately £180 – £250
Month 2 – approximately £120 – £150
Month 3 – approximately £120 -  £150

This includes a 25% discount. I will supply you with the details of how to set up a wholesale account in order to qualify for the discount.

The program includes…

  • An initial 20 minutes consultation to get you started

  • A detailed eating plan

  • Email coaching and support

       ........and much more

So if you feel motivated to take responsibility and make a lasting investment in your health and wellness to:


  • Revitalise your life

  • Restore balance

  • Reboot your energy

Get in touch now for more details or to jump in and get started call 07747563959 or email

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